Holy Spirit Academy will be opening on campus in the Fall.

Message from Headmaster Lang – July 2020

With much talk in the media about school openings and COVD-19 opening complications, I would like to take the opportunity to make it clear that HSA will be making a full return to campus at St. Henry’s in the Fall. It is important that we move forward with our mission to educate your students in the Faith on our campus in the way that we do best.

We intend to do this regardless of what is happening at public schools. Independent and Catholic schools are not legally required to follow state guidelines or the governor’s orders, although we did in the Spring, when we had less certainty about how dangerous COVID-19 was for teens. Now it has been widely established that COVID-19 poses a low health threat to high school age students and that they are not asymptomatic vectors of transmission. Moreover, COVID-19’s spread has been low in Wright County compared to other counties. There has been major research by the archdiocese on the topics of student health risk related to opening in the Fall. They have given us a variety of resources to make plans to open successfully. You can click here for more information. Hence, we will be opening normally on campus with a regular on-site schedule. We are eager to welcome students, faculty, and staff back to HSA!

We are taking considerable time this summer to develop common-sense health policies which fit the unique circumstances of our school. We will be taking certain additional healthy and natural precautionary measures and creating hygienic environment expectations (washing hands, etc.) for students and staff to minimize the spread of COVD-19. I plan to get a detailed memo out on this topic highlighting my expectations for families in late July. Please be in touch in the meantime with any questions or concerns.

New families interested in sending their students to HSA in the Fall can APPLY TODAY.