“…We must train the whole man, not only his intellect, but also his will. Secondly, we must get back to the only subject that there is in all the world that can give us peace and that is Christ …Thirdly, you will have an education that will bring to us the rich heritage of the past.” –Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen, April 25th, 1970, Speech to Educators

Dear Perspective Families and Students,

Thank you for your interest in Holy Spirit Academy! We are a private, classical High School in the Catholic liberal arts tradition located in Monticello, MN. We embrace the tradition of educating the whole person as part of our vocation to holiness. Allow me to introduce Holy Spirit Academy by reflecting on Venerable Archbishop Sheen’s remarks quoted above, as he is our Academy’s patron.

The Venerable Archbishop first teaches that true education does not merely form the mind, but also the heart.  The lofty, perennial ideas which we study at Holy Spirit Academy demand tenacity to ascend towards the wisdom they possess. Along the way our community fosters the moral virtues and camaraderie needed to encourage respectful, rigorous discourse. A spirit of wonder is natural when encountering truth. This wondrous encounter with truth is found in our studies in the Humanities, History, Latin, Mathematics, Sciences, Philosophy, and most of all in Sacred Theology.

Most of all we need Jesus Christ, who brings us peace. For us as an educational institution, “peace” should be understood in the Augustinian way as “the tranquility of order.” Catholic education is predicated on the fact that Our Lord is also Our Teacher. In accepting his revelation as both the highest wisdom and the ordering principle of all education, we find peace. Hence the Christological dimension of learning is encountered in all our classes and student life.

Third, we cultivate an education that “will bring to us the rich heritage of the past.” This heritage will be alive in us, forming our community and culture. Hence, we do not study classic works like a museum exhibit, but as breathtaking encounters with paramount realities. We also cannot neglect the marvelous heritage of beauty in the fine arts. Best, we have that glorious heritage of the Holy Catholic Church. We will continue to unconditionally uphold Catholic magisterial teaching, participate in the sacred liturgy, and cultivate the devotional life. This life of mind and spirit will nurture young men and women of integrity and character who will possess the abilities needed to flourish in their careers and vocations.

We are delighted to bring this form of education in the Catholic intellectual tradition at the high school level to families in the North West metro area. If you are just learning about Holy Spirit Academy, I encourage you to call Holy Spirit Academy to learn more. Please schedule a visit to our school! I look forward to meeting your family. With our best efforts and God’s grace, we will continue to build a flourishing Academy of faith, learning, and genuine Catholic culture.

Venerable Sheen, Pray for us! Veni Sancte Spiritus!

​In Christ,

Andrew M. Lang